September 6, 2007

Fashion Designers

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Fashion designers are the people responsible for creating designs for clothing and accessories and supplying the nation with fashion advice. Many have dreams of entering the fashion world; however they do not know how to get their foot in the door. The passion that designers have for fashion is on a level greater than simply loving clothes. Designers have a unique eye for fashion. They are able to take a simple piece of clothing and transform it into a fashion masterpiece.

Individuals who hope to become a fashion designer should begin planning early. In fact, well known fashion institutes only accept applicants with a portfolio. Individuals who want to become fashion designers should take business and marketing courses in high school. Fashion and design classes should also be taken if offered.

Those who want a career in fashion may get a two or four year degree in fashion design. Once they have completed the degree they may attend a top fashion design school. These schools are located in large cities such as New York and San Francisco. There are also international fashion design schools. Fashion students should build a portfolio of sketches. To increase the chances of being accepted into a top fashion school, students may have a fashion show.

Internships are very important. Those who want to become a fashion designer should try and get an internship with a design company. Internships provide a great deal of experience, and could possibly lead to a job in the future. Unfortunately, many designers quit before they become big. Fashion design is an extremely competitive field. In the beginning, designers work very long hours and do not receive much compensation. However, new fashion designers can succeed by working hard. The key is to become knowledge of the business end of fashion, keep up with current fashions, and establish a unique style.

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