September 6, 2007

Automotive Tools

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Every car owner should have an inventory of basic automotive tools. In most cases, car owners will take their vehicles to repair shops for simple repairs. In fact, the reason why some car owners do not perform their own maintenance is because they do not have the proper automotive tools. Some car repairs do not require service.

Car owners with an automotive tool set will save themselves money and time over the life of their vehicle. Automotive repair shops will generally charge $50 to $100 for a simple repair. In some case, the car owner could have completed the same job for less than $20.

Vehicles are at great risk for a tire blowout or flat. Car owners that have a roadside automotive plan may not incur a large bill for this simple repair. However, individuals who do not have a roadside plan will have to pay a tow truck, and pay for a tire center to install a new tire. Car owners who have automotive tools to fix a flat tire can perform this repair themselves. Tools for fixing a flat tire include an automotive jack. Jacks are inexpensive and can be purchased for approximately $20. Lug wrenches are also necessary for removing tires.

Jumper cables are another necessary automotive tool. Car owners with roadside assistance will also benefit by having jumper cables. In many cases, it can take roadside assistance an hour, or more, to arrive at your location. Jumper cables allow car owners to charge their batteries themselves. Additional automotive tools that a car owner should have a supply of include a tire gauge for checking air pressure, and funnels for adding oil and other liquids. Automotive tools for tightening and securing nuts and bolts include pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers. Car owners should also wear rubber gloves or work gloves when handling minor car repairs. Gloves protect against blisters, cuts, and oil stained hands.

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