September 6, 2007

Paintball Shops

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Paintball shops carry a large assortment of supplies that are necessary for this particular sport. Paintball is an exciting sport that involves shooting paintballs at opponents. Paintball is generally played in an open field, or in a warehouse. Unlike other sports such as tennis or basketball, paintball requires a lot of equipment or gear. Much of the gear is optional. Beginners may opt to only have the necessary gear such as an outfit, gun, and paintballs. Paintball shops are the best place to buy this equipment. Sporting good stores also carry paintball gear; however the selection may be limited.

Beginners may be able to purchase paintball gear from a sporting goods store. These stores sell basic equipment like guns, masks, and paintballs. Experienced paintball players may choose to visit paintball shops to purchase their gear. Paintball shops have a variety of products such as silencers, harnesses, ball carriers, and camouflage clothing.

These accessories are not necessary, but nice to have. Paintball shops also sell paintballs in bulk, which saves the player money. On average, a paintball player will shoot between 200 and 500 balls in one day. A sporting good store may sell 100 balls for $10, whereas a paintball store may sell 300 – 400 balls for only $20.

Paintballs shops are located in most areas. Those new to the sport may be unaware of paintball shops, thus they shop at sporting good stores. However, it may be wise to look in the local phone book for a paintball shop. These shops have a larger selection of products and better prices. In cases where paintball shops are not located in a particular area, paintball players could visit online paintball shops. Online paintball shops carry equipment for beginners and expert players. In some cases, these shops offer lower prices on guns, paintballs, safety gear, and other supplies.

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