September 6, 2007

Sports Memorabilia

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Sport fans that are looking for collector’s items can visit sport memorabilia stores and enjoy a wide selection of bits and pieces. It does not matter how many items you have in your current collection, there is always room for additional memorabilia items. Sport fans generally have household items and clothes bearing the logo of their favorite sports team. Some take it a little further and decorate their homes with pillows, posters, beddings, and so forth with team logos. Granted, extreme fans are usually men – and single.

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There are sport memorabilia stores that cater to all sports. Thus they may have a selection of items for basketball, baseball, golfing, fishing, etc. There are advantages and disadvantages to these types of stores. An advantage is that fans who enjoy multiple sports can shop at one store for all their collector needs. The drawback is that these stores carry a limited selection. They have a few high ticket items for each sport. However, they may not sale vintage collector’s items. Individuals who are looking for unique items should visit stores that cater to one specific sport.

Thrift stores and flea markets are also great places to find sports memorabilia. “Another man’s junk, is another man’s treasure,” is a true statement in a collector’s world. Each year millions of people clean out attics, garages, basements and toss items that they forgot they even had. Collectors may be able to find some great deals browsing yard sales and flea markets.

Online auctions are also perfect for locating sports memorabilia. The best thing about auctions is that buyers can possibly get items dirt cheap. This occurs when auctioneers start the bidding low. Prior to placing a bid for auction items, it is important to check a seller’s feedback score. This score determines a seller’s reputation. There are many fraudulent sellers online. Thus, it is essential to buy items with care.

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