September 6, 2007

Bridal Shop Customer Service

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Customer service is important in any business, particularly businesses that work on commission. Bridal shops are no exception. However, many bride-to-be’s complain of poor customer service in some bridal salons. There are many reasons why a salesperson is not attentive to the patrons. They could be having a bad day, underpaid, tired, and so forth. In the case of bridal shops, maybe the salespeople are slightly bothered by other women getting married, especially if they do not have any prospects.

Bride-to-be’s entering a bridal shop want to see smiling faces and helpful sales women. This is generally an exciting time in a bride’s life; therefore she may be willing to overlook minor customer service flaws. However, if the bride has been browsing dresses for five to ten minutes, and not a single salesperson in the bridal salon has asked to assist, this may prompt the bride to exit the store and take her money elsewhere.

Salespeople working in a bridal salon should also be knowledgeable about the different styles of dresses. Thus, if a bride is inquiring about a Queen Anne neckline, the salesperson should immediately know which style of dresses to show. Brides have done their homework prior to entering a bridal salon. They perhaps know every style of gown, lace, fabric, neckline, and so forth.

Salespeople in a bridal salon should also be honest with patrons. Understandably, it may be tempting to convince a bride to buy a dress with a high price tag to increase the commission check. However, individuals who work in retail sales often have an eye for fashion. If a customer asks for an opinion, be sincere. In most cases, bridal salons will not allow wedding dresses to be returned. Therefore bride-to-be’s must be positive that the dress chosen is their top pick before purchasing and leaving the store.

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