September 6, 2007

Underwear Shopping

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Have you ever went underwear shopping to purchase an intimate gift for that special woman in your life? Did you pick out something you saw some size 0 model wearing in a sexy underwear ad, and you wonder why your special someone never wears it? Underwear shopping for your lover can be really intimate, or it can be a total disaster. If you do good, you are sure to be rewarded pleasurably. But if you do bad, you will likewise know it. The following paragraphs will give men a few useful tips when underwear shopping to purchase an intimate gift for their sweetheart.

First of all, before you begin your underwear shopping for her, you must remember, this gift is for her, it is NOT for you. Well, in a round about way, it is a gift for the both of you, but you should always remember that she will be the one wearing it. If she is a cotton brief kind of gal, she may not be too comfortable receiving a leather cup-less bra as a gift, nor a pair of leather crotch-less panties. If you are successful with your undergarment shopping, you will be showing her that you really pay attention to her, and have put some thought into your intimate gift to her.

The next thing you should always remember while underwear shopping for your lover is that the gift should say you love her, not that you would like to have sex. Kinky underwear does not usually work as an “I love you” sort of gift, unless of course the two of you have discussed it beforehand. Kinky underwear is not the kind of gift you would want to give to say you love her.

Next, before you go underwear shopping to purchase your lover an intimate gift, find out her size. You should never try to guess her size by just looking at the underwear. You can easily get her size by looking at the tags in something she already has such as her bra, similar to what you want to purchase for her.

Lastly, keep the receipt. Even if you follow all the above tips while underwear shopping for the perfect gift, she may just prefer to have something else. If you keep the receipt, you can either get your money back and purchase something elsewhere, or you can get another gift from the same company.

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