September 6, 2007

Online Music

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Online is a great way to access music. In fact, if you were to browse the music stores in the mall, many of them employ minimal staff and have few patrons. In recent years many young people and adults are flocking to online music retailers. Downloading allows music lovers to access music that is new and old. Several online music stores customize CD’s, thus customers buy songs they want to hear, as opposed to purchasing an entire music CD and only liking three or four songs. There are several online music stores. Some popular ones include, iTunes, and

Online music is available in two forms. Music lovers can either log onto an online music station, or they can download music. Online music channels such as AOL radio do not allow downloading. Nonetheless, music is continuous without interruptions from commercials or DJ’s. Some online radio stations allow music listeners to fast forward and rewind songs. Therefore, it’s easy to hear a favorite song again or fast forward through songs that receive too much airtime.

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Downloading music is a favorite pastime among music lovers. It is good to hear songs that are five, ten, and twenty years old. However, those downloading should follow certain rules. It has become illegal to download music for free; however many are still downloading music without paying. Although the chances of being caught are slim, the fine imposed can be a couple thousand of dollars. Therefore, music lovers who choose to download should visit iTunes online store which has a large collection of songs, and an inexpensive fee to download.

Individuals who download regularly may consider subscribing to a music website. Subscribers pay a small monthly fee, and granted unlimited downloads. This is great for those who want to build a large music collection. However, individuals who download one or two times a month may prefer to pay per download.

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